Conference News

Preparations for ICES 2023

    Addressing climate change and promoting green development has become a global consensus. In order to further understand the global energy development trend and cope with the worldwide energy crisis, the 5th International Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development (ICES 2023) will be held on December 21, 2023 online. With the theme of "Renewable Energy and Green Development", ICES 2023 is dedicated to provide a platform for equal exchange between experts and scholars in the fields of energy and environment, geological energy, electrical energy, and sustainable energy.

    The conference aims to establish a broad and effective communication and cooperation platform for experts, scholars, researchers and related practitioners in this field from all over the world, to keep abreast of industry developments, grasp the latest technologies, broaden research horizons, and promote academic progress and efficient application of technological achievements.

    We invite you to submit your papers and take part in ICES 2023 and look forward to your participation!