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Prof. Shrabanee Sen /Associate Professor

Academy of CSIR, Central Glass and Ceramics Research Institute, India

Dr. Shrabanee Sen received her Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology in 2005 and is currently working as Principal Scientist at Functional Materials and Devices Division, as the associate professor at Academy of  CSIR, Central Glass and Ceramics Research Institute (CGCRI), Kolkata, India. Her research interests focus on Development of piezocomposites, Piezopatches, IDE structures for applications as nanogenerators, Sonar sensors and Strain sensors for structural health monitoring, multilayer actuators as vibration sensors, etc. She hosted or participated as PI, Co PI or team member in several research projects. She has published 89 papers in the international journals and 1 Indian patent. She participated in many conferences and gave her presentations. Based on her contributions, she won several awards or honors, including Second Best In House Project Award in NML (2008),  Senior Research Fellowship (CSIR, 2004), etc.